Adam Weisel

Senior Research Scientist

Prior to starting his position at FesariusTherapeutics, Adam served as a research associate in the Chemical Chemodynamic Laboratories (CCL), an academic research group within the Environmental Occupational Health Sciences Institute, at Rutgers University. In that role, he worked to develop multi-scale, computational models of environmental and biological systems. In order to provide a better understanding and prediction of nanoparticle toxicity, he applied fundamental biological and chemical engineering principles to investigate computer-based simulations of particle pulmonary dosimetry. This burgeoning, computational approach he was developing allows for a thorough view of toxicity that would be difficult to measure for commonly used, but scarcely studied nanoparticle systems.

In May 2016 Adam graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Science cum laude with his B.S.E. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. As his capstone engineering project, he worked to develop a small, on-faucet device for automated arsenic detection in drinking water. He created a novel means for spatiotemporal tracking of the Center for Disease Control’s number one toxin in American water with a focus on both private consumer and researcher applications. Additionally, as an undergraduate, Adam served as a research associate in laboratories where he investigated varying stages and properties of bacterial film formation at oil-water interfaces with microfluidics and lithography, predictive computer models for safety shutdowns systems in varying processes, and methods of genetic recombination in biotechnological settings.