Fesarius was co-founded by Jason Spector, MD, FACS, and brother Brett Spector in early 2015 for the purpose of commercializing the now patented collagen hydrogel technology Dr. Spector invented at the Laboratory of Bioregenerative Medicine & Surgery (“LBMS”) where Dr. Spector is the Principal Investigator.




  1. Small Animal Phase (Completed, Q2, 2018)

  2. US Patent No. 9,968,708 (Q2: 2018)

  3. SBIR Phase I (Completed, Q2: 2020)

  4. Large Animal Phase (Completed, Q2: 2020)

  5. SBIR Phase II (Submitted, Q2: 2020)

  6. NIH I-Corps Program (Completed, Q2: 2020)

  7. 510k Clearance (Anticipated, Q2: 2022)

Meet The Team

Jason Spector
Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor
Brett Spector
Co-Founder & CEO
Dr. Yulia Sapir-Lekhovitser
Chief Science Officer
Adam Weisel
Senior Research Scientist
Maria Lapshina
Research Scientist
Rachael Cohen
Biomedical Engineer