FesariusTherapeutics will develop a line of engineered tissue products based on IP for microsphere-containing hydrogels. These products are a much needed solution in the field of dermal wound healing. 


Each year, hundreds of thousands of patients in the United States, and likely millions more across the world, suffer from poor wound healing after tissue loss, whether it be from trauma, burns, or infection. Patients requiring further intervention generally undergo skin and tissue grafts, acquired from the patient’s own body.  This “solution” is costly for both the patient, in terms of requiring a second wound for tissue for grafting and for the additional recovery time, as well as for the health care system.  More importantly, there are many instances where this is not a feasible solution, due to a lack of available donor tissue.

The state-of-the-art solution is a scaffold that allows healthy skin cells to invade it, allowing the process of skin barrier recreation to start.  However, the current products have a notable poor response in conditions of low vascularization.  The poor cell invasion response seen throughout Dr. Spector's 20+ years of clinical experience was the impetus to drive him to advance tissue engineering and help patients heal faster.

Wound fails to heal properly with the currently available skin substitute as a result of poor vascularization. Patient required subsequent reconstructive surgery.


Experiencing an unacceptably high frequency of complication and failure that occurred with virtually all products on the market drove Dr. Spector’s  research in this area.  As a surgeon, he has used the current existing products countless times.  His research led him to discover and invent a scaffold technology that uses microspheres embedded in a collagen hydrogel to maximize the number of differential density interfaces.  It is these differential density interfaces that drive cell invasion into the scaffold.  Pre-clinical studies in a murine model have demonstrated a superior cell invasion compared to a leading product.

Prototypic Evidence